A photo is worth a 1000 words with themed opportunities to promote your business.


Children and adults will love having their photo taken with your themed characters! Enhance your word-of-mouth recommendations through photos that patients are eager to share on social media.

By creating the perfect photo opportunity for your clients you can let them advertise your office for you. Don’t forget to include a sign and logo with your characters.

Themed photo opportunities range from an interactive background to a character on a bench. We have added characters to stone, metal and wood benches to match any style.

Our exterior photo opportunities are painted with a high quality exterior paint that resists damage from the sun and elements.

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The IDS Smile Booth is an amazing marketing tool to help you promote your business on social media networks with the help of your patients. Our photo booth application comes installed on a tablet connected to an external camera.

Add a custom picture frame that matches your theme and include your logo. Use the photo booth for ‘cavity free’ photos of your patients and start a fun collection of pictures in your office! Our photo booth runs itself so no supervision is necessary.

As of 2015, 73% of Americans are active on social media using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay up to date with their friends and family. (Source: Edison Research)

You can attract new clients and earn more referrals by spreading your name across social media. The IDS Smile Booth makes social media marketing easy!

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